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8 Ideas for New Year's Resolutions

Imagine . . .

Imagine what the impact of yoga could be if the competitiveness of fellow yogis worldwide was not driven by a desire for flexibility or strength or the ability to exceed extreme levels of contortion but by determining who

🔹 can be the kindest

🔹 can be the most generous

🔹 can express open-mindedness

🔹 is the most grateful and optimistic

🔹moves through their day with the sincere compassion

🔹shows the most faith

🔹respects our vulnerable citizens

🔹loves and protects creatures of all kinds.

Imagine what a wonderful world this would be.

In the ancient language of Sanskrit, savasana translates to mean Corpse Pose [shava= corpse; asana = pose]. Savasana reflects the state of deep stillness of mind and body that we experience following our practice. It also reflects a state of mind, a worldview, or a perspective that is (maybe, just maybe) a touch more enlightened than when we began.

The beauty of Savasana is that when we awaken from this brief period of integration, we have another chance, a reset, a clean slate; we have the opportunity to choose again who we want to be.

If you want to set an intention for 2023, join us this Sunday, January 1, for FREE New Year's Day Yoga and Meditation.

See you on the mat!


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