Practise yoga anywhere, anytime, with livestream online classes!

Improve your health, reduce stress, and experience peace of mind from right where you are.
Enjoy a private yoga practice from the comfort of your home, office, or hotel room.


My one-on-one, live online yoga sessions are the perfect way to incorporate yoga into a busy schedule.

With Eryn's Yoga Online, the practice meets you right where you're at—literally. Meet in your space, at your time.  Each and every class is custom-designed to meet your needs.

I'll meet you where you're at. Build a Strong Body and a Calm Mind on your terms. 

What to expect:

Personalized instruction can be provided through Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime.
Enjoy up to 60 minutes of a class that has been designed just for YOU, to meet your needs, and achieve your goals—body, mind, and spirit. 

What Do I Need?

A yoga mat

Barefeet 👣

Internet connection

Your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer with a camera 

A Skype, Zoom, or Facetime account (free)

What are the benefits of private online instruction?

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Achieve Your Goals

We will establish your goals and design a class that will meet your personal needs. You'll receive the exclusive attention that isn't possible in a group class setting. 

Lifetime Access

We can record your custom class, both audio and video, so that you can practice your class whenever you like!

Customized Classes

We'll create a class that is designed to accommodate your needs and meet your goals.

Instant Feedback

Receive instant feedback + answers to any questions you have, whether that's about how to meditate or checking your alignment in a pose. 

Personalized Guide Sheets

Each session includes personalized homework that supports your Yoga Vision. Practice from home, on your own, by following these mini sequences. You can build a Strong Body and a Calm Mind in less than 10-minutes a day! 

Why Try a Private Class with Eryn?

With regular practice, you will enjoy increased flexibility, strength, balance, and inner peace. As you restore your body’s natural alignment, you can release tension, improve your posture, and find relief from chronic pain. Want to know more?
Read my 


There’s no need to limit your yoga practice to group classes only. While these are integral to building a strong foundation, and the community that can be built around like-minded yogis is unparalleled, I believe the true magic of the practice takes place in your own personal space. 
Get customized online yoga instruction  in your living room, in the office, or on the road. No walls should 
limit the time and place of your practice

Special Package Pricing

Individual 45-minute private yoga sessions are $75 each, including taxes.

Save by scheduling a package of four and enjoy one month of personalized yoga practice at a reduced cost.

4-Week Private, ONLINE Yoga Series

One pre-scheduled 45-minute session each week

Only $260 including tax!

You save


Eryn Kirkwood, RYT-500
I was a student of yoga for less than a year before enrolling in teacher training with native Indian Yogrishi Vishvketu, and his then-partner Chetana Torens, here in Ottawa. That was over 15 years ago. I've since continued my studies with longtime teacher and mentor, Sylvie Gouin. My genuine awe for the human body and enthusiasm for anatomical detail inevitably show up in my teaching. I've dedicated thousands of hours to studying yoga anatomy with no hint or intention of slowing down one bit! 

My Yoga Philosophy
My passion for the practice stays alive with daily commitment to getting on the mat, every single day. Sometimes that means showing up for Child's Pose or Savasana; sometimes it's for journalling and introspection, and sometimes it's for a full-on physical session of Power Yoga. That's the beauty of yoga! No matter what you need, yoga meets you on the mat to help get you there.


It would be my honour to navigate this path with you. 

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Other Important Information

Refunds are not available, but cancellations can be made with 24 hours of our appointment via text, email, or phone. Payments can be made through PayPal or e-transfer transfer, or credit card Once you complete your intake form and health questionnaire, we will arrange a time to meet and get started!

FAQ | Eryns Yoga in Barrhaven, Nepean, Ontario

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is online yoga for?
EYO is perfect for anyone who wished to enjoy a live teacher in the comfort of their own home. Getting to a class isn't easy, and depending on your schedule, it might not be possible. With EYO, you can enjoy a personalized yoga experience wherever you go.

What should I wear?
Wear comfortable clothes that allow for a full range of motion (yoga pants or shorts and a fitted top or other gym-style clothing). Clothes that are too baggy can be a distraction, and it's best to do yoga in bare feet.

Do I need any yoga props?
To practice yoga, all you really need is you and a mat. Your yoga mat is a sacred tool for doing yoga. If you have additional props such as a blanket, a bolster, a strap, or a block, you might want to have them within reach. Based on your customized class design, I'll let you know ahead of time what you might need. 


When should I arrive for class?
I recommend logging on 5-10 minutes before your scheduled time to leave some space for technical issues or other unforeseen events.

How long is each class?
The class length is up to you—to a maximum of one hour! That's the beauty of a private class. Shorter class times are available. Please contact me for variable rates.  

What if I’m not very flexible?
People lacking flexibility should be first in line for a class! As we age, strength + flexibility become more difficult (and more important) to maintain. EYO offers a safe and challenging environment to increase your level of physical fitness at your own pace.  I always advise students to listen to their body throughout the class and take cues to modify postures in a way that’s right for you. If you're unsure about something, just ask! That's the beauty of one-on-one classes. 

What if I have injuries or limitations?
Please let me know on your health waver form or before your session if something new crops up. It's best to obtain a physician’s approval before engaging in any physical activity, including yoga.

What does the program cost?
One 4-Week Yoga Series is $260. A single class is $75. All taxes are included, and prepayment is required.

How do I schedule my Special Package sessions?
Contact me via email to schedule your classes in advance.

Do you offer a refund if I don’t use all four of my sessions?
I cannot issue refunds or make-up sessions for unused classes from the 4-class package special. 

What if I have to cancel or reschedule?
Because your appointment time has been reserved especially for you, we require 24-hours notice when canceling an appointment. Given proper notice, you are free to reschedule with no charge. Appointments cancelled with less than 24-hours notice are charged at the full non-refundable price.


I love attending Eryn’s classes. The classes are challenging and her flow sequences are always fun and informative. She has a great enthusiasm for yoga that she infuses in each class. In working with Eryn privately, I was very happy with how she made some insightful observations about my practice and brought some interesting perspectives and improvements to my current work. She carefully listened to all of my questions and encouraged me to discuss them. Not only did we dive deeper into the whys and hows of what I was asking, but Eryn linked them back to what she had observed in my practice, offering some very useful suggestions which I have now incorporated in my daily routine. Thanks Eryn!


I want to express my gratitude to you for exposing me to much of what is real in yoga practice— both the physical and the spiritual. Thank you. I very, very much appreciate your approach and the depth of your practice . . .  You deepened my knowledge of, and passion for, yoga. You exude integrity and capability, and I can truthfully say that every session of yours that I’ve attended, I’ve come away quietly joyous and appreciative of the routine. Thanks again. You’re a great teacher.


Eryn is a constant inspiration to me as I continue my yoga journey. Her deep understanding of how the body works is evident when taking one of her classes. Her even deeper understanding of how mind, body and breath are connected is what truly inspires me to further my own yoga practice. As a fellow yogini, she is who I turn to if I have a question on this posture or that, what sequence is best for runners and even what chant should I learn. She is generous and kind with her encouragement and time but humble as to her own accomplishments. That is yoga…