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    • Live classes daily (except Sundays)
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    Membership plans will autorenew each month, unless paying by e-transfer. Students may cancel their memberships at any time by emailing me. Please provide 48 hours' notice to complete your request. Refunds cannot be provided for late requests or partial use. If you will miss multiple classes, consider putting your membership on hold.

    I love Eryn's zoom yoga classes.  There is an excellent selection to choose from and the timing is perfect with a good mix of morning and evening classes to suit all abilities and availability.  If you miss a class, no problem you can pick up a recording.  Eryn listens to her clients and really does incorporate their requests into her classes. They have made me stronger and more flexible too. I thoroughly enjoy her live zoom classes and being able to say hello to the others before having a quiet few minutes before each class begins.  I plan to continue doing Eryn's classes indefinitely.  ~ Faith Stewart

    Eryn is a passionate and caring yoga teacher, both personally and professionally. She authentically and energetically demonstrates and performs every move and sequence along with us, both in live classes and now on line. ~ Annabelle Dryden

    When COVID hit, I had been doing yoga with Eryn for 5 years. We were doing it live, in person, when suddenly everything stopped. Eryn decided that just wasn't an option, so we started to do yoga on Zoom! Obviously, this was an entirely new way to do yoga, but once all the kinks were worked out, we were back to 'normal.' Eryn's attention to detail for each pose is so helpful. As a senior, it’s so important to keep moving and yoga is perfect for that! It stretches every part of our body. She explains in detail how to get into each pose and what part of our body we’re working on and reminds us that 'if it hurts, don't do it!' Her devotion to and love of yoga comes through each class; we are so thankful to have her as our teacher.” ~ Pat Irwin