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yoga & meditation

Discover the healing potential of yoga with our FREE community yoga and meditation! Part of what makes Eryn's Yoga unique is that there is a warm and vibrant community of likeminded people--should you wish to tap into it!  It's also a chance to try out a new class each month if you're on a budget :) Find strength, peace, and balance in the comfort and convenience of home–on your own, yet all together.

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Your Next Community Flow:

Thursday July 18th, 745-8:30pm.

Following our 30- to 45-minute yoga class, there will be a 5- to 10-minute breath-awareness meditation🙏
No commitments are required, no credit card information. Just sign up, show up, and flow! 

Here's How it Works:

1) Decide to attend. Ask family and friends to join you.

2) Subscribe to Eryn's Yoga ⬇️ 

3) Login to Zoom and input the following meeting information: 

    * Meeting ID: 6624607431

    * Password: email me!

4) Roll out your mat and enjoy! 

Things to Note:


*The virtual studio opens 15 minutes before class. Students are muted on entering to support quiet relaxation. Please stay after class if you wish to socialize, ask questions, or just hang out! 


*For a "community vibe," leave your camera on; if you prefer anonymity, just cover the lens on your device camera. Whatever makes you the most comfortable — that's the right choice for today.

*If you need help setting up, please email me. I want to help! 


*Check back for the new link each month, or subscribe to my newsletter for direct inbox delivery📨 I update this page monthly and always (~ish!?) send a reminder email. 

Don't miss a thing! 

Add your name to the list of over 2,000 newsletter subscribers, and be the first to know about free classes, workshop offerings, and other tools for living your best life! 

Thanks for subscribing!

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