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Chair Yoga: It’s Not What It Seems (it’s harder!)

Some people hear Chair Yoga and think “too easy,” “boring,” or “great for ‘really old’ people”—assumptions that I used to make, too. Was I ever wrong! And the more I teach this style, the more benefits gain practicing it.

Despite doing yoga every day, eating a predominantly plant-based diet, and considering myself generally active and healthy, there are still days when I have to hug my knees to my chest to stretch before easing out of bed. On those days, Chair Yoga is the perfect antidote to long hours at my computer, or overdoing it the day before.

Of course, this style is a brilliant option for people with injuries, chronic pain, and so on (you can find guided sequences for that here) but it’s also great for strong and active people who still want to challenge themselves, just with a little extra support. Isn’t that all of us on some days?

This little sequence is designed for people who want to Strike a Pose, just not on the floor! Enjoy!

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