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Robust Vegan Protein Salad


I.5 cup chopped cauliflower (into pearls or grated [just with a cheese grater!])

1 cup chopped broccoli florettes

½ pepper, any colour, chopped into small pieces

One large carrot, chopped into small pieces

6 salad olives

½ cup tri-coloured quinoa

handful of sprouts as a topper

handful cherry tomatoes

3 tablespoons salad dressing of choice (this one was a vegan lemon poppyseed dressing)

2 tbsp raw pumpkin seeds

2-3 tbsp dried cranberries

½ avocado, cut into small chunks


Combine chopped cauliflower and tri-coloured quinoa into a bowl. Add salad dressing and mix well. Add the broccoli, pepper, and carrots, and stir. Add cherry tomatoes and olives and mix. Add the avocado chunks, pumpkin seeds, and dried cranberries without mixing. Top with sprouts and enjoy! DEEEELISH!

Option: Go fully raw by taking the quinoa out. Personally I love the protein boost that quinoa brings and adds to the robust density without amplifying the fibre! You can also substitute organic chickpeas for the quinoa to be wholly grain-free.

Note: unless you pay a hefty price for fully raw ones, dried cranberries are typically full of processed sugar. Keep them out, or add sparingly. Sprouts are SUPER easy to make from home (this is another post on its own), but they’re even easier to buy at Loblaws. These are sunflower seed sprouts and they’re absolutely delicious. The best thing about this salad is that the options and add-ins, the versions and variations are literally infinite. Enjoy!

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