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You Are A Miracle: Here's Why

We've had little choice but to label ourselves with the cultural and familial identities we've been handed down from birth. The most trusted people in our lives have told us we're smart or funny, bad-tempered or ugly, naturally graceful or frustratingly frumpy. But none of these expresses our true nature.

Everything you think that “you” are is just a concept, a word. When you hear yourself say, “I am fat” (or skinny or short or tall), you have incorrectly identified with some aspect of the mind, and the mind will always fall short of reflecting your highest potential. These labels and identities are mere expressions of the ego and a distraction from the connection with your true state of being, which is an unchanging and immortal expression of the divine.

Listen up, because this is important: Nobody else on this planet has the same fingerprint pattern as you. Not a single person shares your exact voice intonation. No two people have the same iris of the eye. These tools that we used to stake our claim to individuality are proof of the fact that there has never been, there isn’t now, nor will there ever be another person on this planet exactly like you. You are an Unrepeatable Miracle.

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