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Simple Sweaty Flow

Repeat this short sequence x 10 for some caloric burn and a metabolic boost! If the sun won't make you hot, this sequence will!

1. From Tadasana, inhale and reach your arms overhead. This is Urdhva Hastasana.

2. Exhale and fold forward into Uttanasana, or standing forward bend.

3. Step your right foot back into a low lunge. Take a couple of breaths here to warm up the hips.

4. Step your left foot back to come into a Plank position. Draw the navel to the spine to engage your core muscles. Press out through the heels to activate the legs. Build core strength here by holding for 3 deep breaths.

5. Then take an inhale, and as you exhale, bend the elbows to come into a low push-up. Inhale to Upward Facing Dog.

6. Exhale and press the hips back into Downward Facing Dog. Hold here for 5 deep breaths. Return to the front of your mat and repeat the sequence, this time leading with the left foot.

If you’re still working towards strengthening your core, you can modify Plank and low push-up position by bringing the knees to the mat.

To train your cardiovascular system, return to the front of the mat in Tadasana after Downward Facing Dog and repeat the sequence for 6 rounds (3 leading with the right leg and 3 leading with the left). Work your way up to doing 10 repetitions.

To increase upper body and core strength, hold Plank position for 5 breaths before lowering slowly (take about 4 seconds) into low push-up position. Instead of taking Upward Dog, inhale, brace your core and press back up into Plank position. Repeat 1-3 times and then return to Downward Dog. Come into Child’s Pose for a rest.

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