The Yoga Success Equation

The yoga equation that determines success is simple, whether it's obtaining your dream job or quitting a bad habit. Follow these 7 steps and the universe will begin to align to manifest your vision.

Step 1: Define your goal. Write it out.

It isn't enough to have dreams floating around in your head. Write down your goal and on an index card (or 3) and place it somewhere that you'll see it every day.

Step 2: Chart your plan of action.

Map it out with daily/weekly/monthly—and finally—a year-end goal. Outline what needs to be done to achieve your goal. Determine deadlines. This is not set in stone, but the guideline is important to have.

Step 3: Determine up front the obstacles you foresee.

Many people miss this step, yet it is imperative to success. What stands in your way of achieving this dream? You must know the challenges ahead and prepare yourself for them.

Step 4: Define clear solutions and implement as needed.

If your goal is to save $8,000, but frivolous online sprees make this impossible, post an index card on your laptop to remind you of your greater commitment.

Step 5: Commit wholeheartedly. Failure is not an option.

Determine without reservation your commitment to success. Dismiss thoughts of failure as quickly and randomly as they arise.

Step 6: Go! Take action.Today. Now.

No action is too small. Great victories are the accumulation of small wins. Each step forward is a "win" that boosts your moral and self-confidence while driving your forward momentum.

Step 7: Review daily and fine-tune as needed.

Remind yourself daily of your goal and be awake to its manifestation. Fine-tune the process and adjust your plan according to the universal response to your intentions.

No matter your goal, the yoga template is the same. Breathe. Believe. And You Will Achieve.

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