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Living a Canadian Dream: Thoughts on Gratitude

Some people dream of living happily ever after in Canada.

Some families of some people spend all waking hours taking the steps

that they need to achieve the dream that ultimately means safe refuge in Canada.

Entire villages of the families of some people work hard, sweat harder, dream only of resting a head on a pillow on a bed that resides in this country of mine,

praying--maybe one day-- they’ll see a country called Canada.

Each night I lay my head, close my eyes, free of dread, fall asleep in a bed

in a country that is harder for me to leave than to stay.

How lucky am I?

Each morning when I wake, without making a wish or holding my breath, without moving an inch, or lifting a finger, I’ve already been given the ultimate goal of LIFE in a country that is the dream and the symbol of freedom

for so many.



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