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Canada Day Yoga Replay

I realized this year that, for me, Canada Day is synonymous with Thanksgiving.

As we came together for our Canada Day Yoga class on July 1, I invited students to consider what comes to mind when they think of "Canada." Some responses were generous, expansive, beautiful, spacious, FREE, and cold!

I think of gratitude.

Gratitude is a luxury allotted to those who are sufficiently healthy and wealthy to afford this kind of reflection. It is having the presence of mind to experience life through joyful eyes.

In nurturing a state of mind and body that can acknowledge our abundance, we give root for these attributes — generosity, luminosity, gratitude — to grow.

What does Canada mean to you?

Please enjoy and share the replay as you wish!

[My apologies for the less-than-superb video quality. That's zoom for ya!]


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