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Top 10 Reasons To Do Yoga

Those of us who have been doing yoga for some time don’t need ongoing encouragement to keep coming back to the mat. We’ve tried it; we loved it, and we have a hard time understanding anyone who doesn’t agree. After all, it’s been around for 5,000 years. If nothing else, the longevity speaks to its timeless capacity to improve health and well-being.

But for those of you on the cusp, who remain undecided about whether to take a walk on the bright side of life, where people tote mats as often as gym bags, you may be interested in learning some facts. There’s a reason why everyone is doing it! (or has done, or will do, eventually).

These Are My Top 10:

  1. It reduces stress and stops anxiety in its tracks through deep breathing.

  2. You’ll be able to tie your own shoes when you’re 80 (forget slip-ons and Velcro!)

  3. It improves posture and reduces kyphosis (aka ‘hunchback’).

  4. You’ll grow taller (which means you’ll look slimmer).

  5. It boosts endorphins and improves mood naturally.

  6. It reduces your risk of injury doing the stuff you “really” love.

  7. It reduces insomnia. You’ll enjoy high-quality beauty sleep.

  8. You can justify overpriced tights and tanks.

  9. It’s the best anti-aging tool on the market (aside from Botox).

  10. It’s free! It’s important to learn the basics from a qualified instructor, but you can easily do a Down Dog or Cat Cow from home.

This list is not exhaustive. On any given day, ask any given person why they hit the mat, and the answers will certainly vary. You cannot impact your body without directly influencing your mind. How this manifests for each person is unique and unpredictable, but one thing is for certain: no matter who you are or where you’re from, no matter what it is you’re seeking, yoga has something to offer you.

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