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Challenge is an Invitation to Triumph

"If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you." ~ Fred De Vito

Research has shown that the average person uses only ten percent of their total brain capacity. Conversely, increasing scientific evidence shows that meditation improves brain function and stimulates new growth. The practice of meditation and yoga asana awakens dormant areas of the mind, sharpening our intuition. What's often referred to as a “gut feeling” or “sixth sense” is not the rare gift of a few extraordinary people. It is the birth right of each one of us, or own personal inner wisdom.

Often we read the books or listen to the teachers whose beliefs align with our own; we like to collect words that support our opinions. Although part of this may reflect us migrating towards our “truth,” it can also keep us stuck in a rut of habitual thinking. Taking the road less traveled, or navigating unfamiliar terrain, forces us to tap into unexplored territory—and the results can be enlightening. On the mat, attempting postures we don’t generally enjoy or stretching areas that cause unpleasant feelings to surface (both physical and mental) can stimulate dormant cognitive capacity, expand awareness, and enhance our ability to grow.

Try this: Choose one of your least-favorite yoga asanas. Practise once on auto-pilot. The second time, practice with a smile. Observe the difference.

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