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Eryn's Yoga on CTV News!

It isn’t easy stepping outside our comfort zone and trying something new. These last two years have been overflowing with opportunities to get uncomfortable, and yet, ‘doing new’ has yet to ‘get old,’ at least for me.

I have always admired your willingness to show up — you who are a senior, you who have never tried yoga, you who aren’t flexible, aren’t strong, aren’t coordinated. I’m in awe of you who feels too old or too young, too thick or too thin, too male in a female-dominated activity, too tech-challenged, too busy, or not busy enough. I admire you who feels self-conscious or inadequate or nervous for whatever reason—but still show up to do the work and push past the limiting beliefs that threaten to hold us back.

It is because of you that, after years of persistent “encouragement” (which started as a nudge and morphed into a full-blown shove), I agreed to inquire about CTV’s Get Moving program. To my utter distress last week, I was invited to the show.

From the moment I said yes until the second that it aired, I stressed and fretted and sweated and regretted saying yes. But how can I ask you to step out of your comfort zone if I’m not willing to do the same?

I can’t. Not in good conscience.

So, here it is: my CTV debut, if you’re interested. I’m not expecting a call from Hollywood yet, but I sure feel like a star for conquering my fear.

Thank you for showing up for yourself and, by extension, for me.


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