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Meditation for People Who Can’t Sit Still

It’s natural to feel a bit . . . blasé about something you’ve done (or attempted to do!) for a long period of time. Meditation, in other words, stepping away from a busy schedule to sit down with your eyes closed, can be challenging on the best of days. Taking time for yourself when 100 things need to get done shows remarkable discipline! Please acknowledge that incredible inner strength. If you want to keep nurturing that powerful positivity but feel like you’re in a rut, the following simple suggestions can kickstart your passion for meditation:

6 Simple Ways to Make Stillness [a little bit] Stimulating:

1. Try a new style. There are many, manydifferent kinds of meditation. Maybe it’s time to try something new. A lot of yogis like jappameditation, and that’s how I started. If you tend to focus on the breath for meditation, you might enjoy adding a mala into the mix. A mala is similar to a Christian rosary. Jappa meditation is when you repeat a mantra (a positive affirmation or a Sanskrit phrase) while counting the beads of your mala. Any technique you choose will get the job done. The key is finding one that you love!

2. Change the Scenery. Consider changing the time or the place that you practice. Right now, as we move through autumn, into cooler nights and darker mornings, my early morning meditation is . . . non-existent. I just keep falling asleep! So, I heed the wisdom of my body and I rest. Instead of 6am, I meditate around 8am; and sometimes it doesn’t happen until 4PM in front of the living room fire! The place changes, the time changes, the style even changes, but my commitment does not.

3. Decorate Your Devotion. If you don’t already have a space that you dedicate to journaling, prayer, or meditation, it’s super easy to create one! Place a few candles or uplifting images in your sacred space. If you already do this, bring something new to the table, literally—seasonal flowers bring life to any location and a card with a quote that inspires you will do the trick.

4. List the Reasons You Started. Remind yourself of the importance of your task. List the reasons you’ve started to meditate and the benefits you’ve enjoyed so far. If you’re new, list the reasons you’re interested in embarking on this path. Remembering our ‘why’ can reignite the motivation we need to keep going (be it for 5 minutes, 5 years, or 5 decades). It takes the ‘severity’ out of austerity and reminds us of our intentions!

5. Find Your Tribe. Consider joining a meditation group or attending a workshop. There’s one at Barrhaven United Church in November! Not only will you meet like-minded people, you might also discover you aren’t alone in your struggles (and victories) along the way.

6. Just Do It! Decide each day to get on your meditation cushion—and that’s it. Don't get distracted by excuses. I have yet to meditate for any period of time and walk away regretting it! My mind and body are always grateful for the moment of pause and reflection.

Like most things in life, the hardest part is getting to the meditation cushion (or the yoga mat, or the gym!). But once you get there, the rest is vegan gravy.

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