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67 Reasons to Be Happy

“Hakuna Matata” In Swahili, “No worries.”

Books like The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and The Happiness Equation by Neil Pasricha represented a New Age twist on an age-old philosophy: happiness is something we choose. The yogis have known this for thousands of years, which is why they hunkered down and committed themselves to the discipline of meditation.

The profound inner peace cultivated by spiritual adepts requires some degree of dedication. But that doesn’t mean you won’t bear the fruit of your efforts, no matter how small, along the way. In times of strife (even in times of self-indulgent whining!), consider some reasons to be happy. Note: Just ONE (not necessarily all) of these will suffice to bring a smile to your face.

1. Your uniquely beautiful face.

2. Eyesight = the freedom to read what you choose!

3. Walking. Improved circulation boosts mood.

4. Laughter Yoga; although not for me, retelling this experience to friends brought on some big belly laughs!

5. A fridge full of food.

6. Running water.

7. High-speed Internet.

8. Netflix!

9. Your husband/boyfriend loves you.

10. Your girlfriend/wife makes you smile.

11. Your child/children are healthy.

12. The bills are paid.

13. You have a roof over your head and a warm bed to sleep in!

14. Being unhappy is a waste of energy.

15. Your pet loves you unconditionally.

16. You’re physically strong enough to ‘work out’—this is a gift, not an obligation!

17. The miraculous change in seasons.

18. Autumn leaves.

19. You have a vehicle that gets you from Point A to Point B.

20. You know that happiness is a choice you make, just by smiling.

21. Chocolate.

22. The warmth of the sun on your face.

23. A long shower at the end of the day.

24. Your first coffee in the morning.

25. Afternoon naps.

26. Picnics in the park.

27. Walks along the beach, bare feet.

28. Your favourite movie.

29. A good book on a Sunday afternoon.

30. Snuggling.

31. Fresh bed sheets.

32. Cool pillow cases.

33. Clean laundry brought in from the line.

34. Wild strawberries.

35. Watermelon.

36. Lounge pants after a long work day.

37. Candles and incense.

38. Hugs.

39. Grandma’s cookies.

40. YOGA

41. Stumbling across an amazing quote.

42. The gift of LIFE!

43. Knowing that someone loves you. A lot.

44. Holiday Mondays.

45. Days off.

46. Your favourite pen.

47. Artistic expression, like writing, creating music, singing, photography.

48. A new haircut.

49. Cycling, rollerblading, running.

50. Your favourite café.

51. Lunch on the patio with a friend.

52. Getting the job!

53. Your best first date ever.

54. You discovered your passion.

55. Knowing that everything always works out.

56. You have faith/religion/spiritual beliefs.

57. You have a best friend.

58. Your parents are alive and well. Call them!

59. Smiling makes you look younger.

60. Sleeping in on Saturdays.

61. A night out with a friend on Fridays.

62. Used book stores.

63. Deep-tissue massage.

64. Pedicures.

65. A night at the movies.

66. You are single and free.

67. You are with someone and evolving together.

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