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Why Anything is Possible With Faith

Sometimes survival is just that: an uninspired trudge through the monotony of daily life. Sometimes the effort to resist is too much, and we give in to the urge to collapse on the couch, because, “Why bother?” There are days when gratitude is waning, and on those days, we have to trust. When anxiety builds or fear gathers momentum, we have to hunker down and select from our yoga toolkit: we breathe deeply, write a gratitude list, journal about the fear, pray, meditate, repeat a mantra, practice asana, or take a walk in nature. We help someone in need or connect with a friend. Each challenge is an opportunity to prove that yoga works. We need these experiences to build up our courage, stamina, and resilience for difficult times yet to come. We need proof that, no matter how rough the waters, we’ll arrive on the opposite shore stronger, more grateful, less fearful, and firm in our knowledge that—with faith—anything is possible.

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