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The Reminder We All Need this Season

In yoga, our attachment to material things (including relationships) is the fundamental cause of disappointment. In our aim to be happy, we endure constant cravings for fleeting sensory pleasures: a mouth-watering piece of chocolate, the feel of a new book in our hands, or a new romance, and we think that finally, finally, we've found the answer, the solution to that nagging feeling of emptiness, that something that will fill the void. Yet, all sensory pleasures soon dissipate, and when they do, we find ourselves back in the conundrum of looking for yet another a solution. Drug addicts call this self-destructive cycle "chasing the buzz."

We chase the buzz of shopping, sex, food, drugs, or whatever your vice may be, unknowingly yearning for spiritual fulfillment-the only thing that can offer any lasting and genuine peace. You won't find Spirit in chocolate or new jeans, but you will make that connection through the practice yoga. Using postures, deep breathing, mindful living, and meditation, we clear the channels of intuition and experience moments of Truth. And once that happens, once you are free of the lie that material wealth brings lasting joy, the search turns inwards, and little else will seem worth striving for.

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