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6 Ways to Heighten Your Awareness

Taking a step away from the “norm” as defined by cultural, educational, or familial standards is rarely an easy task. You might find yourself negotiating a fine balance between your old “unknowing” self and the new, more inquisitive you. Questioning the meaning of life and challenging our assumptions of what is “real” demands a certain amount of courage and a level of awareness that aren’t readily found in the corner cafe or among common conversations. In a society where “thin is in” and staying abreast of Hollywood gossip are of utmost importance, it doesn’t take much to go against the grain. It is happening. These assumptions are being challenged in certain circles. The voice that calmly prods us from the abyss of inner silence has a place among others who are also seeking.

Self-doubt and anxiety are normal responses to realizations that can challenge our belief systems. It is important to nurture our health, well-being, and overall self-confidence in order to build the strength and determination needed to heed our intuition.

6 Ways to Support Awakening

  • Surround yourself with positive people of similar affirmations. Open-mindedness and judicious thinking are key.

  • Spend time in nature; breathe in the pure morning air.

  • Drink fresh, clean water and lots of it. Ditch the empty calories from pop, milk, and other such things. Drink water in their place.

  • Eat foods in their whole and natural state. Keep cooking to a minimum to retain nutritional value. Reduce your karmic debt, love Mother Earth, and reduce harm on fellow beings: go vegan.

  • Practice yoga. No matter how old or how inflexible you may be, there is a practice suitable to your needs. By reducing physical discomfort you become open to experiencing greater truths.

  • Meditate and practice mindfulness.

These things will help ease the transition from comfortable slumber to conscious awareness—if, indeed, that's what you're looking for.

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