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Meditation Motivation: 6 Tips

It’s natural to feel a bit . . . blasé about something you’ve done committedly for a long period of time. Meditation can be challenging on the best of days; sitting still for 20 minutes when 100 other things need to get done shows remarkable discipline. That being said, small changes to your practice can reignite your passion for meditation and prevent you from slipping into the dull realm of habitual behaviour.

Here are 6 simple ways to re-inspire your commitment to meditation:

1. Shake Things Up. Try a new form of meditation. If your practice typically is focusing on your breath, try mantra meditationwith a mala. Any meditation you choose is perfect.

2. Change the Scenery. Consider changing the time or the place that you practice. It’s surprising the difference these things can make!

3. Decorate Your Devotion. If you don’t already have a puja table, or a corner in a room dedicated to this practice, create one. If you have one already, bring a new offering to the table (alter). A fresh flower, new candles, or some inspiring words are simple ideas.

4. List the Reasons You Started. Remind yourself of the importance of the practice. List the reasons you’ve started meditating and the benefits you’ve experienced so far. This will support your commitment.

5. Find Group Support. Consider joining a meditation group or attending a workshop. Not only will you meet like-minded people, you might also discover you aren’t alone in your struggles or victories on this path!

6. Just Do It! Decide each day to get on your meditation cushion or yoga mat, and that’s it. Don't be distracted with excuses. Prepare as you would for a longer meditation, but give yourself the permission to stop if you must. Nine times out of ten, your body-mind will be grateful for the moment of pause and you’ll stay longer than you'd originally intended.

Like most things in life, the hardest part is getting there (on the mat, to the gym, etcetera). If you can do that, the rest is vegan gravy.

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