"Yoga is a way of life, not just the time we spend on the mat."

AromaMALA stackable bracelets by Eryn Kirkwood in Barrhaven, Nepean, Ontario


Please note that no two semi-precious stones are exactly alike. Because each bead is hand-selected and individually strung, single beads may vary slightly from the images shown. Every AromaYoga creation is both personal and unique—just like YOU. 

They are in every sense of the word, one-of-a-kind designs. This is part of what makes them so beautiful.

"Hi Eryn - Thanks so much for the beautiful bracelets!  They were more beautiful in 'real-life' than in the pics posted on Facebook!!!  I'm sure Dora and Kiara will just LOVE them." ~ Susan D



“I love my bracelet! It is very delicate looking, and I find its aromatherapy effect very soothing. I love Envision essential oil!”


“I love my AromaYOGA bracelet. It is very pretty and smells amazing...just 3 drops of patchouli and I can enjoy the benefits of a therapeutic oil all day long!”

Terry S

"Not only are these bracelets beautiful to wear, but with the added scents, they uplift my spirit.  Plus, they have made for well-received gifts to my friends and family."

Lori M

“I have been a student of Eryn's yoga classes for a few years now and have great respect for her teaching style and commitment to her practice and her students. So, when she announced last year that she would be selling aromatherapy bracelets, I knew it was something I needed to check out. I just happen to have three anxiety-ridden millennials in my family, so I purchased a bracelet with lavender oil for each. They were a huge hit. I have heard from all of them how much they love wearing the bracelets. And, of course, I had to buy a few for me. I'm hooked!”

Pat I

"Each one of the AromaYoga bracelets are so unique and one of a kind. I love the colours, and the spacers add that little extra something to each one. They make a lovely gift for someone special, especially when you have an essential oil to go with it.  You've done it again, Eryn!"

Maria and Stanley

“We came for the aroma herapy and we stayed for the lovely bead work! I love that Stanley now has a way of enjoying the benefits of Zen Chien, and Stanley loves how darn handsome he looks! 

Andrea Denise

My bracelet is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much. Your work is amazing! 
It is a nice reminder to meditate as well.


Friends who yoga together, stay together.