Unlock Tight Hips and Lock in Your Core



Date: Sunday March 14th

Time: 1:30-3:00pm

Investment: $20, including taxes

Location: Anywhere in the world, via ZOOM! 


Enjoy the benefits of strength and stretch in this live, online, 90-minute workshop. Together we will harmonize core strength and hip mobility to support low back health, refine posture, and boost self-confidence. 


Tight hips from time spent sitting, postural imbalance, poor habits among other things can cause low back pain, cranky knees, and general physical discomfort. When we move well, we feel well. That’s what I want for you—I want you to feel great!


In this 90-minute workshop, you will enjoy a full-body stretch, with an emphasis on hip flexors, glutes, hamstrings, external hip rotators, and inner thighs. Core strengthen will be woven throughout the class to support our mobility work. 

In this workshop, you will:

  • Access your deep core musculature 

  • Strengthen and stretch your low back

  • Activate the “muscles of independence” to strengthen surrounding hip musculature

  • Learn 10 postures to stretch the hips full range of motion

  • Learn common postural habits that can contribute to muscular imbalance and/or pain

  • Learn how to use blocks and props to support your practice


The workshop will include a safe and slow-paced, but fluid, physical practice suitable for beginners and anyone who suffers from tight hips. Enjoy a luxurious winding down with restorative postures at a wall and a guided relaxation. Practice will end with a 10-minute meditation.  


Registrants will receive:

  • a complimentary recording of the workshop to enjoy anytime 

  • a downloadable sequence of postures you can do seated or at a desk

  • a hip-opening sequence you can practice at home 

  • 10-minute closing  meditation

You will need: a yoga mat. A yoga block and anything that could be used as a strap or "rope" will be useful but not certainly not required. 

Note: Unlimited monthly memberships and class passes cannot be used to attend workshops or specialty offerings. 

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