The way that Eryn brings a sequence together with her satiny-smooth transitions from one asana to another, her calming, yet disciplined, disposition, detailed anatomical focus, philosophical insights, humour, and precision, is nothing short of admirable. I have advanced in my own practice from her teachings and strive to have such a lovely balance when leading my own classes. Thank you, Eryn!




"Eryn’s ability to guide you to the knowledge of the intricacies of your body is amazing. Without knowing it you breathe into spaces you didn’t know existed and your body moves in ways it intuitively understands. Om"



What sets Eryn apart from most yoga instructors is her extensive knowledge and understanding of human anatomy. This allows her to give precise verbal direction which enables students to make any adjustments to their postures themselves rather than having hands-on assists. If you’re looking for a fantastic yoga experience at any level, look no further than Eryn’s Yoga!