Stretch & De-Stress

Tuesdays 6:30-7:30pm

Date: May 11 — June 29
Next Session: July 6

Cost: $80.00, including taxes.

All packages and memberships can be used to attend. e-transfers are welcomed. Pro-rated pricing is available. 

Note: You never have to wait for a new session to begin! Email me for a pro-rated cost and start today.


Enjoy a deep physical unwinding at the end of the day. We'll hold interconnected postures for several breaths to help still the mind and support relaxation. Expect a deep unwind of the neck and shoulder muscles, a blissful stretch of the hips, and postures that will strengthen the back line of the body, including the spine and glutes.


Suitable for all levels of ability. 

Email me for your ZOOM meeting ID and password.