This is the ultimate determination boosting bracelet, with 4 different types of semi-precious stones, each brining their own quality of confidence and determination. 


The yoga charm depicting Virabhadranasa B reminds us to embrace our inner warrior in times of struggle, uncertainty, or change. 


Each bracelet comes with your choice of Orange, Lavender, Lemongrass, or Clove pure essential oil, free!


AromaYOGA Stones:

Matte Crystal: Determination and strength. Uplifts the spirit, bringing confidence and joy.

Grey Jasper: Willpower. Brings grounding, strength, and confidence.  

White Howlite: Stability. Calms mood, stabilizes nerves, and soothes insomnia. 

Black Lava Stones: Rebirth. Nurtures inner strength and grounding. 


Tibetan silver spacers.

Tibetan silver yoga charm, Warrior 2.


Your choice of orange, lavender, lemongrass, or clove pure essential oil comes with the set.Please contact me for information on other essential oils.


SKU: bct-012

Friends who yoga together, stay together.