Your Blue Bliss Bundle Includes: 

✅ 2 AromaYOGA Bracelets

✅ One 1 ml sample of PURE Young Living Wintergreen Essential Oil 

✅ 1 oil dropper for application

Each bracelet has its own grounding lava stones, so they can be worn separately or together. 


AromaYOGA Stones :

Blue Jasper: Determination and strength. Uplifts the spirit, bringing confidence and joy.

White Tridacna: Stability. Calms mood, stabilizes nerves, and soothes insomnia. 

Black Lava Stones: Rebirth. Nurtures inner strength and grounding. 


Wintergreen Pure Essential Oil is one of the most powerful sources of inflammation-fighting compounds on the earth! 


• Combats fatigue

• Promotes healthy skin

• Reduces tension headaches

• Battles joint and muscle pain


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