Each bracelet is designed and hand-strung by a local yogini. Infuse the lava stones with your favourite scent or leave the bracelet scent-free and enjoy the chic boho look. This bracelet combines Amethyst, Opal Quartz, and Lava Stones. 


  • Amethyst: Helps calm the mind and aids in meditation. 
  • Opal Quartz: Soothing energy said to bring good luck and hope.   
  • Lava Stone: Nurtures inner strength and groundedness. 


The Tibetan silver Om symbol is the most sacred yogic image, representing universal consciousness. 


NOTE: Each bracelet comes with your choice of Orange, Lavender, Lemongrass, or Clove pure essential oil, FREE!


Please contact me for information on other essential oils.



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Essential Oil


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