Each stone in this set was carefully chosen and lovingly hand-strung by a local yogini. 🙏 ABUNDANCE features cedarwood and amethyst semi-precious stones, antique gold accents, and the yogic “om” symbol in antique gold.


  • Lava stones provide strength and groundedness.
  • Amethyst is a healing stone that represents purification. It helps to cultivate inner strength and provides a defense against negativity.
  • Cedarwood is considered a spiritual bead. It symbolizes kindness and aids in manifesting desires.


Bracelet 1 (6 mm): 📿

Amethyst semi-precious stones

Antique gold spacers


Bracelet 2 (8 mm): 📿



Black lava stones

Antique gold accents and OM charm


Each set comes with 1 ml of PURE Young Living Cedarwood Essential Oil 🌿


Cedarwood Essential Oil 🍂

Cedarwood has a warm and woodsy aroma that invokes a feeling of comfort and contentment. Its naturally calming properties help to focus the mind while aiding relaxation. Cedarwood has also been shown to:


Relax the body

Improve concentration

Reduce stress

Brighten complexion

Fight inflammation


Each individual bracelet can be purchased for $20.

FREE shipping after $45 💌📦📫📮


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