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A unique and exciting offering  . . . .   


Join me for an accessible yoga practice designed for anyone who wants to increase their strength, flexibility, balance, and mobility. Whether you’re a total beginner, a senior looking for a safe and beneficial exercise routine, someone who wants to incorporate stretching at their desk, or just prefer to move slow—Chair Yoga Flow is an exceptional choice! Even the most experienced students can sometimes use a little extra support or a gentler practice to restore mind and body. 


Follow my clear and simple instructions and enjoy the physical benefits of yoga postures with the meditative aspects of deep breathing and final relaxation. 

Note: This video recording includes floor stretches. Participants should be able to get down onto the floor with the assistance of a chair or know how to modify postures accordingly. 

You will need: 

One Chair

Yoga Mat

Towel or blanket for relaxation

45-mins Chair Yoga Flow

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