Book Review: From Suffering to Peace

In his book, “From Suffering to Peace,” Mark Coleman puts the practices of Buddhist awareness into simple terms that enable readers to immediately apply the tools—and receive their benefits just as quickly! What I liked most about his approach, though is that, despite the huge upsurge of interest and discussion around meditation and mindfulness, he refuses to endorse a watered down or less sacred approach to his teachings.

As a teacher of meditation in various settings for more than 20 years, Coleman has relevant experience to share that will benefit any reader who picks up this latest text, either out of curiosity, or a genuine desire to step away from our society’s inner-trappings of discontent and into our innate realm of inner peace and serenity.

When asked the specific benefits of mindfulness, Coleman says, “[there are] Many. Inner peace. Non-reactivity. Self-awareness. Unhooking from negative mental and emotional patterns. Insight into oneself and reality. Capacity for empathy and compassion. Grounded embodied presence. The ability to meet the pain of life without creating any suffering around it. Development of equanimity, acceptance, and balance. Inner joy and happiness.”

Unlike many philosophy-laden and theoretically dense texts on the subject, “From Suffering to Peace” is a book readily accessible to both novice and experienced practitioners of meditation and can benefit all who are on the path of more heightened awareness and joyful living.