AromaMALA stackable bracelets by Eryn Kirkwood in Barrhaven, Nepean, Ontario

Aromatherapy plays an important role in Yoga's sister science, Ayurveda. The powerful healing effect of pure essential oils has long been recognized by holistic health enthusiasts and is now being heavily researched by some of the top universities of modern science in the world. 

Beads by Eryn designs combine aromatherapy "on the go," with aesthetic beauty, creative expression, and individuality—all infused with positive and uplifting vibes. How? Every single bead, charm, and speck of glitter in-between is hand-selected and hand-strung with the recipient in mind. That is the gift of buying from a local artist. No single piece can possibly be identical to another. 

Wearing Beads by Eryn stackable bracelets reminds us that YOGA isn't just something we DO;

it is the sense of inner peace that we HAVE."

May the scents of Faith, Joy, Love, Health, and Abundance be with you both on the mat, and wherever you go.

Find (and explore!) your style.

While no two bracelets are the same, there are some commonalities. You'll find a good selection of bracelets and their description in my SHOP. Please choose from these or email me for more options. I'm creating different styles with different stones all the time! Semi-precious stones have different properties that are said to bring certain traits, such as courage, serenity, or abundance. You can do your own research or download this guideline of semi-precious stones and their meaning. 

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Custom Bracelets 

Personalized custom designs are available starting from $45.00. Please contact me to initiate your unique Beads by Eryn creation.

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