55+ and Gentle

In Yoga, the word "vinyasa" means to move fluidly from one posture to the next. 55+ and Seniors is a blend of all levels and gentle yoga that incorporates both strength and stretch into a full-body flow. We will explore all ranges of motion in a fluid way, linking each posture to the breath, and emphasizing the importance of deep breathing as a way to calm the nervous system, calm the mind, and enjoy deep relaxation. Simple standing yoga postures and a balance component will prepare the body for a period of final relaxation.This class is designed with students aged 55 and over in mind, who want a gentle class with longer-held stretches. Students can expect to explore some variations on classic postures, including poses and stretches at the wall and props as needed or desired!

As a holistic practice, yoga benefits all aspects of our lives, whether we intend it to or not! A regular yoga practice (at least 2-3 times a week) can play a key role in building and maintaining optimum, and even superior, health—body, mind, and spirit. To encourage your commitment to optimum health, I provide discounts for students who register for at least 3 sessions per week. Please email me for details.





Date: Wednesdays March 4, 11, 18, 25; April1, 8, 15, 22

Time: 10:30-11:30am

Cost: $95 for 8 weeks

Location: Barrhaven United Church; 3013 Jockvale Rd

Drop-ins are available for $15.


*Please bring a yoga mat AND a soft towel (i.e., a beach towel) or a blanket. 

Each class will explore some of the following themes in a friendly and community-oriented environment:

  • Balance

  • Back pain

  • Mobility

  • Improved sleep

  • Strength

  • Energy

  • Cognitive ability

  • Social health and community

  • Hip issues

  • Spinal flexibility


Start today! Ask me about pro-rated options. 

I was not a stranger to yoga, but Eryn’s classes gave me a new appreciation for the practice of yoga. Eryn knows just how to encourage and challenge her class. I especially love how in tune she is with those practising at various levels. Eryn not only knows just how hard to push us, but she also gives us options, so we can choose the level we are most comfortable with. I also appreciate how Eryn gives suggestions to improve form. It could be the simplest instruction but seems to make a huge difference in the way I experience a movement or stance. Furthermore, I love Eryn’s positive energy and professionalism. She knows the value regular yoga classes have on one’s physical, mental and emotional health and she offers classes at such a reasonable rate that those on a budget can afford to go and get all the benefits yoga provides. I recommend Eryn’s classes to everyone I know!





Friends who yoga together, stay together.