Community Yoga + Meditation

Next Class:

Slow Stretch Thursday, November 24, 7:45pm-8:45pm 
Following our ~ 45-minute class, there will be a 10-minute meditation🙏
No commitments required, no credit card info. Just show up and flow! 
How does it work? Simple! 

1) Decide you want to attend.
2) Email me for the ZOOM link and password at least an hour before class begins.
3) Roll out your yoga mat and enjoy! 

That's It! 

Things to Note:

1) Once the class starts, the virtual studio doors are "locked." If you think you might have to be late, just sign in early and show up when you can! 

2) On community class days, I'll put my view on "gallery," so that I can see you practise. This will apply only to students who want to be seen :)  If you prefer to stay anonymous, just turn off your camera. If the mood strikes you, though, I really do encourage students to keep their cameras on; watching other yogis practising along with you gives a diff vibe to the class! 

3) Students have the option to see the group (gallery view) or keep the focus on me. If you need a hand with either of those, just email me or show up a bit early and I can give you a hand. 

4) Microphones will be on mute when you arrive to set an introspective tone for the class. I'd love for you to hang out and chat afterwards, though! 

5) A new class will be chosen each month, so keep opening the newsletters or checking back to this page for updates!
Don't hesitate to invite friends and (or) family to join you. Let's keep building our virtual yoga community — together.