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A Simple Guide to Empowering Your Life With Yoga

Most of what people call "yoga" today is just a small piece of the ancient tradition's vast offering. Although the physical postures themselves offer abundant health benefits, the body is but an entry point into the inner peace and infinite joy that is the birthright of each human being - regardless of situation and circumstances.

In these 34 short (and often humorous) essays, personal anecdotes, and insights, Eryn offers simple suggestions for empowering your life through the practise and philosophy of Yoga.

"When I read Eryn's Book, I felt I was right in her class.  She writes the way she teaches with a natural and easy sense of humour. Each chapter gives an incite to how much she loves Yoga and life with anecdotes into her life and how we can use them to improve ours.  I thoroughly enjoyed every word. Thank You, Eryn."

- Pat Irwin

"This book is incredible.  I am new to yoga and I could not have found a more appropriate book to read. Very inspirational.

- Paula Amaro

"I just finished reading this book it was funny insightful and full of humerous ancedotes. The author has alot of knowledge to impart on many everyday life topics and doesnt take herself too seriously. A light enjoyable read ...loved it"

- Anne on May 31, 2017

"Fantastic book! Great insight and inspiration! Well done."

- Amazon Customer on June 30, 2017

"Eryn's first book is an inspiration to anyone who believes in making a better and fulfilling life for themselves.
Eryn has such a creative and insightful mind, she is able to impart daily habits we all crave for peace of mind in an easy, sometimes humorous style!"

"This little gem of a book is much like Eryn herself - chockablock with thoughtful tips and daily suggestions all geared to help you get mentally and physically stronger, both on and off the yoga mat.  I can guarantee that at least one (but most likely more) of her short, but impactful chapters will resonate with you." 

-Gwyneth Harkin, August 2017

-Amazon buyer

"Hi Eryn! Just wanted to say I really enjoyed reading your book. It was interesting and witty. You have a great style to your writing. My only criticism would b that I would have liked it to be longer 🙂 When  I actually sat down to read it- I gobbled it up."

- 🙂 Siobhan, Facebook fan

"A delightful Sunday afternoon read. Comforting and uplifting, it speaks to both the novice and the more experienced yoga enthusiast. In a straight forward, sometimes humorous way,

it shows how yoga can help deal with all of life's ups and downs.
Bought this for my wife, but I enjoyed it too."

- Raymond Young on June 1, 2017

"Eryn writes as she speaks and lives. Her down to earth, authentic and absolutely genuine person comes through in her book. Take care of your body and positive ...stay healthy... many strong and valuable words shared in this book..."

- Amazon Customer on June 2, 2017

"Not only is this book unique and refreshing in it's approach, I couldn't put it down. The author's empathy, transparency, and sense of humor about her own experience makes the personal growth she speaks of attainable and realistic; like speaking with a dear friend. An absolute must read!!!"

- Amazon Customer on June 16, 2017

"A book of wisdom, humour, and common-sense from local yogi."

- Kris, Facebook Fan

"I got your book yesterday and finished reading it last night. What an engaging writer you are. I loved your sense of both humour and sarcasm! That said, I did appreciate your description of downward facing dog. I often experience "weak wrists" so during this evening's class I tried to "stack" the bones in my arms and it worked well. . . . .  Thanks for your book. I liked reading your perspective. I hope book sales are amazing for you. Good luck with it. I plan to head over to grab the mp3 and pdf files."

As someone who’s just getting curious about yoga, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book. Unlike most yoga books today that focus on the physical aspects of the practice, this little gem offers simple ways to bring yoga to daily life. Short chapters have the reader coming back for more, and the author’s sense of humour is a bonus! 

- Elio Boschetti

- Mary Bannister

"I thoroughly enjoyed this delightfully honest and humorous book. From the preface to the final chapter Eryn draws us in as she shares her Truth and offers empowering advice that challenges and guides us to wake up our own Truth."

"It's a good reminder to keep things simple and comfortable to your own needs. Results aren't attained over night so why be the hare when you could be the tortoise."

- Facebook fan

- Susan Deguireon August 11, 2017

"Eryn Kirkwood's book was truly an amazing read! It came to me at the perfect time in my life. So relatable and it made a lot of sense. It inspired me to accept, love and care for myself. I laughed, I cried and thoroughly enjoyed every bit!"

- Chantal Formica





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