55 + 

As we get older, our muscles stiffen, joints lose their range of motion, and we become more susceptible to chronic problems such as osteoporosis, arthritis, and heart disease. Yoga can help slow the effects of aging by helping our muscles and joints stay supple and strong. An anatomy or detail-oriented class, such as this, keeps the mind alert and awake, trains mental focus and concentration, and encourages relaxation and integration at the end of each session.


Some people call yoga the "elixir of youth." By the end of this class, you will understand exactly what this means! 

Whether you are 55 or 95, it’s never to late to start yoga. Enjoy the incredible benefits of the practice in a non-competitive and friendly atmosphere. Props are used (including the wall, yoga blocks, and straps) and modifications are offered as needed. You will enjoy a combination of postures, deep breathing, and relaxation. You'll strengthen and tone your body, improve your balance, increase flexibility, and enjoy an overall feeling of health and well-being. ​*Suitable for beginners and students of all levels of ability.  Note: Students can drop-in or register at any time. Please contact me for details. 

Mondays 10:30-11:30am

Dates: March 2, 9, 16, 23, 30; April 6, 13, 20, 27

Location: Barrhaven United Church, upstairs

Cost: $95 for 8-week session
Drop-in: $15 per class (cash or cheque only)
No Class April 6



I’ve been going to Eryn’s Hatha Yoga and Seniors Yoga classes since spring, and it has been a wonderful experience! I look forward to the classes every Monday and Friday. It truly has been and is a total mind, body and spirit healing experience for me! I would recommend that more seniors take up the practice of yoga. Eryn is a wonderful teacher and I love her classes!


I began attending Eryn’s yoga classes almost a year ago and since then I have become completely addicted, coming to her Monday morning Hatha classes as well as her Friday night classes. In the last five years that I have been doing yoga I have never found a teacher so dedicated to her practice, so positive and caring towards her students. For Eryn, the practice of yoga is not simply a way to get in shape, although becoming stronger is a by-product of yoga, it is a path to lead you on a healthier and more mindful life. Her classes focus on breathing, stretching, mind control, and perfecting postures. She explains postures to the very last detail and I love hearing her insightful comments. I highly recommend Eryn’s classes, whether you’re new to the practice or have been a devotee for years. Her classes will influence how you do yoga for the rest of your life!


I had been studying yoga for several years when I had the good fortune of meeting Eryn. Yoga has never been the same since! Poses that gave me trouble or caused discomfort became approachable and pain-free. I discovered muscles I didn’t know I had, learned when to tighten or relax them depending on the pose, how to align the body for optimal performance, and what attitude to bring to the mat. Eryn’s in-depth knowledge of anatomy, coupled with her exceptional ability to communicate instructions in a clear and simple language, make her classes the best of the best. My posture has improved, my strength increased and my flexibility is at an all-time high. I have never felt better. Thank you, Eryn, for taking yoga to a whole new level of experience. I will continue to recommend your classes to all my friends and colleagues.


At the age of 54 and after many failed attempts to start an exercise regime, I decided to try Yoga. Within two or three classes I was hooked — and all because of Eryn. She not only teaches the physical poses and movement but also provides a great deal of encouragement through her inspirational words. Eryn is fully dedicated to improving her students ’well-being both in body and spirit. It is a pleasure to be in her class!

55+ and Seniors’ student

I tried yoga on and off before, not having the confidence to continue as I strained my neck trying to watch the instructor from the back of the class. Then I started going to Eryn’s classes and that changed. Eryn’s amazing way of communicating the poses in a detailed, flowing manner allows me to concentrate on how my body feels while doing the poses rather than watching someone else do them. When I leave her class, not only do I feel like I benefit greatly from strengthening and toning but my mind is also calm and focused.


Dear Eryn,

Thank you again for bringing such a high-caliber yoga studio to our neighbourhood. I was consistently challenged and stimulated by the classes you taught. As a student of yoga for about 18 years and a trained instructor, it was a complete pleasure to be in the class of someone who excelled at sequencing, who varied the routine daily, and who could on a moment’s notice, change the flow of the class depending upon who was in it . . . truly remarkable, on-the-spot flexibility that is clearly the result of a life time dedication to the practice and to teaching. In fact, aside from the stellar example of yogic fitness that you offer, I love your choice of words the most . . . You are my favourite Ottawa-based teacher and I have been exposed to scores of teachers over the years locally and internationally.





Friends who yoga together, stay together.